Monday, 14 January 2008

Age Out Of Context; Generations by Dee

They say that youth is wasted on the young,

but maybe wisdom is wasted on the old.

Wasting so much time thinking what could have been

Seeing life, like through a movie screen.

What if you looked around, and saw everything now

like anything could happen if you thought about how

What if age and and what you couldn't do

No longer defined what it meant to be you.

What if you looked around you and saw what still could be

instead of longing for things that only others can feel.

What if you didn't think your life was measured

by the moments you hold on to and the "things" you treasure.

What if in the end you stopped and looked around,

and saw the people you love, finding what you've found;

A legacy mixed with fun and smiles

where your travels are not marked by miles.

Where you can learn more by standing still

than using life like a check out till;

Counting what you have and haven't bought

blaming "bad luck" and what you were never taught.

What if life was a blank canvas at any age

where you add more colour, and don't paint a cage.

What if you looked at the young, like another you

with a bit less experience, but equal views.

What if you never made an excuse for anything again

and enjoyed being wrong, and being different, not the same.

What if you laughed at the years that have passed

and saw only beginnings, not reliving the past.

What if you lived in the moment, and saw everything right here

instead of taking photographs to remember next year.

What if you never felt alone, sitting by yourself,

and it made you stronger, when you're with everyone else.

What if you didn't try fit everything you haven't done,

into a day or a year, just stood outside to feel the sun.

What if it all stopped tomorrow, and life was just a test

would you count the bad times, or the times you were blessed?

Would you want to impart wisdom, tell them how to avoid pain?

or would you know they'd learn some new, doing exactly the same.

What if instead of changing the scenery, you found another you,

who sees life through others eyes, instead of making them see you.

What if young or old, we were equals to each other,

and accepted that the child, is or will be a father or a mother.

Life is happening now, it isn't the last or next 40 years,

Life won't wait for you to get it together

Life is happening now, you know as much as anyone else,

you can't change other people, only yourself.

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