Sunday, 2 March 2008

Organised Confusion

I have a Creative Zen, that I bought to listen to music on and possibly to store some videos... as it turns out, it also has an organiser, games, a sound recorder, and a multitude of "functions", some of which are way ahead of page 3 of the manual, and so... way beyond my comprehension.

I think that this particular piece of technology has been a last straw for me of sorts. I now own; a nintendo wii, a nintendo ds, a laptop etc, etc, etc... I am on a daily basis informed of new and wonderful ways to use these things, that I either didn't buy it for, or that someone has just thought up!

But what you end up with , is a LOT of electronic devices, that "multi-task", and are yes "versatile" but the intention of the manufacturers was never to make the consumer happier... it was to have MORE consumers interested in buying the same thing, thus making them money. But what we end up with, is a bunch of devices in our homes that perform the same job very averagely. For example; I have a mobile phone that takes "ok" digital pictures and voice recordings, but they are so average in quality, that the most you could do with them, is put them on bebo, or even worse, you start to forget what a quality picture looks like. My Wii has an internet channel that surfs the web in a below average way, which includes typing the address by click the individual letters on the screen with the wii remote, by the time I would have written this blog it would already be Christmas....

I am proud to say that I now own a pretty decent digital camera; it takes good pictures and so does just and only what I want it to do. I like my technology like that; you want something, you know where to find it, and exactly what it will do. If only you could say the same about life eh? ;)

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